Wappulounas – event of the year 2013

January 9, 2014 | 14:03

The new glorious Finnish snowboard/lifestyle magazine Spine hosted the first annual Spine Awards as Boardexpo kicked off in Helsinki in November. By continuing the beautiful tradition of awarding the best riders, resorts, people and events Spine Awards showed once again that Finnish snowboarding is hailing high and hard. Proud to be Finn, or something like that.

Readers had a chance to vote, and damn right they voted. They voted Wappulounas to be the event of the year 2013! We can’t even count how many times we’ve been awarded but it always feels great. Someone could say it’s no-brainer – but it never is. Every year we have to push ourselves to the limits and challenge us to make the best event possible.

But the truth is, we couldn’t make Wappulounas without you – the people who join us to make it unforgettable. Every single one is important at Wappulounas, and that’s how it will always be. Wappulounas isn’t for us or you – we are Wappulounas!

Thank you so much for voting Wappulounas. Let’s make Wappulounas 2014 the best event ever.

Yours truly, Keittäjät


Watch the “action” from Spine Awards:

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